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Currently, we are recruiting all classes, levels, and subscription types.
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"I detect the faint stench of weak blood..."

- Anonymous Dark Elf
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Welcome to the Twilyghte Song Guildportal!

We are casual global guild that believes in fostering community spirit and welcomes all new, low, and veteran players regardless of class or subscription plan.

Over the years, Twilyghte Song has been highly regarded as one of the most new player friendly guilds on the Telon Server.  Many of our crafters provide the community with affordable supplies to help, particularly the newer player, with the items they need to make their fortunes in the world.

The guild doesn't apply strict rules on its membership.  The two principle rules of guild membership: Breathing and Friendly.

If you play Vanguard and are looking for something casual, send one of our guild recruiters a tell in-game.

Guild News

Grouping 12-30+

Bowd, Apr 18, 13 2:41 PM.
Dann is co-ordinating hoping to find some folks with compatible schedules so that we can form a group that stays together and does group content on a regular basis.  See the forums for more details.

Newbie Meet and Greet

Bowd, Dec 14, 12 11:43 PM.
There is a newbie meet and greet community event in Jalen Crossing December 15th at 1000 Pacific Time.

Various guilds and individuals will be giving out goodies.

Harvest Day is here!

Bowd, Nov 19, 12 12:50 AM.
You can find write ups of these quests at:

APW Raid and Overland Raid

Bowd, Nov 18, 12 1:45 PM.
The raiding team lead by Tearum was busy this weekend.  Friday night, the team returned to APW and cleared there way to the storehouse portal.

The next day the team met up again to kill the overland boss Jagund. Their prey went down with few casualties.

Keep up the good work raiding team!

APW - Raid - 2012-11-02

Bowd, Nov 3, 12 1:49 PM.
Friday night raids continue!  We grabbed more Ancient Port Warehouse keys and then crawled around in the dungeon for a while.  With little more than two full group of 48's to 52's, the brave group took out two bosses and one mini boss before calling it a night.  
Are you an adventurer 48+? Join us next week at the Sundering Wasteland Rift.  Raiders are requested to download and install Ventrillo so that tactics can be communicated quickly.
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